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     As Christians, we often look to John 3:16 as the verse that defines who we are and our faith. And while it is a wonderful verse that clearly shows the love and purpose of God, I think there may be a better, though less popular, verse that should express the faith of those who confess faith in Jesus Christ. That verse is found in the Gospel of Luke, chapter 9 verse 23, which states: "Then He said to them all: 'Whoever wants to be My disciple must deny themselves and take up their cross daily and follow Me.'"

     This verse has so much to it and I think properly defines our relationship with God and with others that was exemplified in the life and death of Jesus Christ. Let's break it down and look at each part of it.

     1) "Whoever wants to be My disciple" -- I love this part, because firstly th... Read more »
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Praise be to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of compassion and the God of all comfort, who comforts us in all our troubles, so that we can comfort those in any trouble with the comfort we ourselves receive from God. 2 Corinthians 1:3-4

God comforts us whenever we go through uncertain times, death of family or friends, difficulties in our academic or professional careers, or any other struggle we go through in this life. He gives us the peace during the stress, the promise that He can bring good out of the bad situation and the assurance that one day all pain will subside and a new heaven and earth will be made.

Now, just as Christ emptied Himself our for us and for the people He served in His day, so we should too comfort those people around us who are suffering, lonely or going through some trial with or without the same hope we have in Christ. There are different ways we can do this and I know we all are able to comf... Read more »
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Yesterday in World Literature Post 1850, we read our first story, a short story called "The Captive" by Luigi Pirandello. It started out having the main character, an older man without family, traveling a lonesome road, suffering bordem and lack of purpose. All of a sudden, he was jumped by three men and then held captive for several months. During this time, he grew close to those who abducted him; they enjoyed hearing the old man's stories and knowledge, and the old man enjoyed sharing his stories and knowledge with them. After a while, the captors brought their families up to to see him and play with him. In the end, he ends up dying with those people, having a grand time laughing with the kids of and adults of his "new family".

This story illustrates literally the idea of being captive to someone or something. And I've found that we are captive to many things. A couple I am captive to are often those of low self-worth, cynicism and lust. Truth of the matter is, w... Read more »
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In order to overcome pain, we first discussed that God is always with us, through both the good times and bad, even when it doesn't appear that He is. We understand He is aware of what is happening, that He cares about us and that He actually wants to help us out. We then talked about releasing the pain and hurt to God. We mentioned three natural reactions we all have when we encounter pain, which are: repressing it (push it down, hidden), rehearsing it (dwelling on it constantly) and resenting it (vengeful thinking). God wants us to release the pain to Him, for dwelling on it and keeping it inside only yields negative thoughts and actions-- which are neither beneficial to us, to those around us, nor especially God. 

This third and final chapter to solving the problem of pain deals with relying on God's resources. There are three comforters God has given us: The Word of God (the Bible), God's people (the Church), and the H... Read more »
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Each of us have certain methods of coping with pain; those of males may differ greatly than that of females. Pastor spoke of three roadblocks we ALL face when struggling with overcoming pain and a broken heart, which are: repressing it (the pain), rehearsing it, or resenting it. The second step of healing a broken heart is this: We must release the pain to God. We'll take a quick look at each of these negative responses and delve in deeper.

1) People often repress the hurt

Whenever people encounter pain or hurt, they often repress it, meaning they bury it deep inside, they push it down and hide it, or pretend like it does not exist. A biblical example of this would be Jonah; for when God told Jonah to go to Nineveh to tell the people to repent-- and they did-- Jonah was upset about this and held the hurt he felt inside himself. ... Read more »
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"Happy are those who mourn, for they will be comforted." Matthew 5:4

When going through any grief, pain or hurt-- whether it be unceasing guilt, the death of a family member, a tragic accident to someone you are close to, a loss of job, a shattered relationship with friends or family, or simply feelings of loneliness, low-self worth or doubt-- in order to experience God's comfort, we must first realize God is with us. There are three things we need to remember during this tough period in our lives.

1) God is aware

God understands there is going to be trouble in life, and He isn't surprised when bad things happen, whether it be to us or someone close to us. God sees each tear that falls from our eyes and He understand the feelings we believe only we ourselves can understand. Job, the man who suffered all sorts ... Read more »
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Today, I feel as though I need to talk about Satan and temptation.
Earlier this year, our youth group did a study on Revelation. While this book is immensely difficult to decipher and understand, there was on part that was taught and seemed interesting to me (one among many, I can assure you, dear reader). In Revelation, a woman is giving birth while on the moon; the dragon waits to capture the offspring, but is unable to do so. What my teacher taught me from her study is that Satan first tried to destroy Jesus Christ, the very Son of God. Yet when that original plan failed, He then has gone after those whom God highly values and loves: People, and especially His children. Nothing pleases Satan more than to take a Christian who is weak in faith and completely uproot what life was planted there by the Holy Spirit. 

One tactic, I have found that is extremely effective for him, is that of guilt. Now, do not get me wrong: Guilt that convicts of ... Read more »
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Whenever the heart is torn,
It's deciding between
The promising eastern morn
Ripened with hope and reborn
With a bright future scene;

Or the setting of the light
In violet, western skies,
Where color, vivid and bright,
Fades into the depths of night--
Sleepy and low--then dies.

Conflict is a natural part of life. Conflicts arise in relationships with friends and family, in the workplace and even within yourself. The best possible solution one can find is adjusting your will to God's, meaning that you do what pleases Him, instead of yourself. This is why the Gospel was such earth-shattering news, because it goes against the normality of society and human nature. For naturally, we are sinful, self-centered people; we find pleasure and security in being in charge. And thus, when the Gospel of Christ came and told us to be humble, to seek Him and place othe... Read more »
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So many people question Jesus Christ: Who He was, what He came to do, and what He has to offer. Well, I am here to tell you He came to earth to sacrifice Himself to make us able to find life in Him. See, ever since Adam disobeyed God, we are all sinful due to that. And Jesus-- Whom was part God and part man-- came to offer Himself as a sacrifice, bearing all the sins of humanity. And through that death are we able to have forgiveness and rightness with God. But He didn't stay dead, no-- He arose on the 3rd day and lives in heaven until He comes back to judge and reign. He never leaves us without a hope to cling to. In Him we find wholeness, life eternal and purpose on earth. Please, if you have ANY questions, feel free to comment and I'll do my best to answer them. :) Have a blessed day, guys!

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Ever wanted to simply break down and cry? School is getting me down; relationships are dragging me along.. and I just want to be alone to dwell in pensive sadness. But I know that's prideful and wrong, so I'll continue to encourage my friends and lift them up.
But, my fellow friends, I beseech y'all to please pray for me, cause I need it. I need patience and joy, hope and inspiration. It seems like I'm alone in the world with my Christian values and standards.. and that I have no one to lean on.
Still, I will be joyous, for my joy and hope, patience and inspiration is in the Lord of the universe, Jesus Christ. 
I wish to thank you, guys, even if for nothing else than just simply listening.
Have a great week!

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